Current Obsession: Mad Clown – Fierce

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More Current Obsession goodness! This week, we’ll be looking at hip-hop artist Mad Clown’s new mini-album “Fierce,” which dropped yesterday and currently dominating the music charts. And when the title track is such an easy listen and a feast for the ears, why wouldn’t you want to keep playing it on repeat for days on end?

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Current Obsession: 100% Beat

 photo 100Percent2014.jpg

It’s been a couple of weeks, but time for another Current Obsession! This week, we’ll be looking into idol group 100% and their recent comeback with their newest mini-album Bang the Bush. I know what you’re thinking, and yes—that is the title of the album.  Wondering why there are only five (out of the original seven) in that photo above? Well, you’re about to find out….

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Current Obsession: Taeyeon Set Me Free

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This week’s Current Obsession is a beautiful offering from S.M. the Ballad, a ballad group formed by—you guessed it—SM Entertainment. The entertainment company has recently released a new album sung by various singers from different groups under their label in three languages (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese). For today though, we’ll focus our attention on SNSD’s Taeyeon with her solo “Set Me Free.”

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Current Obsession: CNBlue Can’t Stop

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Now for something different: Welcome to my Current Obsession, wherein I’ll weigh in on music that currently plays on repeat on my playlist. As a longtime Kpop fan, I’ve always wanted to share my love for the music, whether that be an idol group, a band, a solo artist, or anyone else I fall in love with at the moment (or for years).

Think of this series of posts as an experiment—each week might focus on a different genre or artist, but hopefully the music will speak louder than the words ever could. This week, I’ll be diving into CNBlue, who recently released their newest mini-album “Can’t Stop,” and also appeared on variety show Running Man.

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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you have a fantastic new year filled with blessings and happiness!

May dramaland be full of new shows that feature Oppa, and variety shows that will have you rolling on the floor laughing all year!

What shows are you looking forward to the most?


Random post!

If I don’t reply to your comments on Dramabeans, feel free to tweet me instead! You’ll more than likely get a response that’s much faster. :D 


Thanks all!

The End of the Monday Couple?

It’s no secret that I harbor a bias for the Monday Couple (Gary and Song Ji-hyo). Ever since their very first awkward encounter, to Gary’s, “What does this mean?” to Ji-hyo’s shouting, to the hand-holding, I’ve been in love with this very cute (albeit fantastical) couple.  There were fans who touted that they should just get married already, and squealed whenever Ji-hyo showed a bit of affection towards Gary.

But now, my friends – it seems those dreams are dashed because Ji-hyo has revealed she’s in a relationship… in real life, with her CEO, Baek Chang Joo. They’ve reportedly been linked together since December and he’s already met her family and all. I’m happy for her and sad for Gary at the same time. The cast are more like family to each other, so I’m sure Gary also wishes her well.

So Congratulations Ji-hyo! But please – fire your hair stylist. None of that moppy hair anymore. Please.