Magazine Monday: Go Kyung-pyo 1st Look Vol. 70

 photo gokyungpyo03.jpg

Time for another underrated actor for this week’s Magazine Monday! Meet Go Kyung-pyo, the actor you’ve probably seen in either Saturday Night Live Korea (though he’s since left the show) or in a few heartwarming dramas over the years. You might be surprised to know that the actor initially wanted to become a comedian, figuring that acting would be a good route for that goal. Also, I saw him in a recent Happy Together episode and he’s much more reserved (and maybe a bit of a bad boy) than those goofy but lovable roles might have us believe.

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Magazine Monday: Park Ji-sung High Cut Vol. 127

 photo parkjisung4.jpg

Just in time for the World Cup, this week’s Magazine Monday features the man with two hearts, better known as Park Ji-sung. Even if you don’t follow soccer, you’ve likely heard of the soccer sensation’s name at least once, thanks to that 2002 World Cup appearance. The athlete recently retired in May 2014 and announced his upcoming marriage to announcer Kim Min-ji as well. So while we bid goodbye to one of the greatest soccer players of his generation, we can treasure his charm, wit, and smile in these photos.

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Magazine Monday: Jin Yi-han bnt International May 2014

 photo jinyihan7.jpg

Sometimes even your favorite celebs appear in odd-looking photos that don’t even look like the actors themselves. Such is the case for actor Jin Yi-han, who I love, in this week’s Magazine Monday. It’s neither the best nor worst out there this season either, but I’ll forgive the overall harshness of these photos because of that megawatt smile of yours. I still love you, Tal Tal.

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Current Obsession: ZE:A First Homme

 photo zea580.jpg

Of the numerous June comebacks, ZE:A’s newest mini-album “First Homme,” caught my eye (and ears) unexpectedly this week. Catchy and exciting, the title track “Breathe” turned out to be just the song to usher in a new season of greatly anticipated comebacks in the music industry. I’ll be honest and say that the first listen didn’t appeal right away, but I quickly found myself bopping along by the end of the day. And if that doesn’t convince you, then perhaps you’d like to know that the Doctor’s TARDIS makes a cameo in their music video.

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Magazine Monday: Lee Yoon-ji Instyle Weddings May 2014

 photo leeyoonji3.jpg

More Magazine Monday goodness! Beautiful, smart, graceful, and talented, actress Lee Yoon Ji is one of my favorite leading ladies in the industry. She makes quite the lovely bride in this photoshoot, and is one person who deserves more recognition for her craft, though I do hear that her latest project King’s Family (which wrapped in February) was one crazy ride.

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Current Obsession: Seo In-gook Mellow Spring

 photo seoingookalbum.jpg

Another delightful song for the ears for this week’s Current Obsession with Seo In-gook’s newest single “Mellow Spring,” which dropped two weeks ago. Nowadays, you might recognize Seo In-gook as an actor before you realize that he started out as a singer. I wouldn’t blame you either, why with all the movies and dramas he’s been in, but it’s nice to know that the singer himself likes to remind everyone that he can hum a tune or two.  And oh so wonderfully, at that.

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Magazine Monday: Ji Chang-wook Gentleman June 2014

 photo jichangwookgentleman3.jpg

Time for something fun! Introducing Magazine Monday, a new blog post series whereby I’ll share fun (and sometimes wacky) magazine shoots of some favorite Korean celebrities. Because we all love pretty pictures and the pretty, right? First up is actor Ji Chang-wook, who recently wrapped up historical drama Empress Ki this past April.

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Current Obsession: INFINITE Last Romeo

 photo infiniteromeo2.jpg

Considering my closeted long-term adoration for INFINITE, this week’s Current Obsession post is long overdue. There are times as a fangirl when you actually wait weeks for a single to drop, and never had my anticipation been greater than for this particular song. Um, ombre blue and neon orange hair notwithstanding. It’s barely been a week since the group’s latest title track “Last Romeo” from the group’s second full-length album, aptly entitled “Season 2,” has hit the music charts. Needless to say that even if this song doesn’t do it for you (but really, why wouldn’t it?) there are plenty of other genre offerings on the album itself.

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Current Obsession: Megan Lee 8dayz

 photo 8dayzmeganlee.jpg

Say hello to the newest kid on the Kpop industry block: Megan Lee, a Korean-American singer-songwriter who recently appeared on the music scene with her debut single “8dayz” a few days ago. Just like the gorgeous spring weather outside, this is one delightfully sweet song whose lyrics carry an encouraging message: every day is a new day. Words that should be echoed more often, methinks.

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