Running Man Episode 44

So much action! So much suspense! So much romance! It’s Strong Man against Strong Man with Kim Jongkook vs. Jang Hyuk and our Running Men cast create dreamy ideas of their own in another action-packed episode.

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Running Man Episode 43 Part II

Our guests, IU and Shin Bongsun finally make their appearances in the second half of this episode. The teams all have a tough time finding them in such a large stadium, and someone is eliminated before they arrive. One order of more cuteness ahead! Continue reading

Running Man Episode 43 Part I

What a fun episode of EPIC proportions. Not only was this week’s episode 160 minutes long (2+hours), but the cast travels all around Korea: from Seoul to Yeoju to Daegu. They’re challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally. New bonds are made and other relationships are threatened. It’s team versus team in a race to see who gets to the finish first. Continue reading