Running Man Episode 43 Part II

Our guests, IU and Shin Bongsun finally make their appearances in the second half of this episode. The teams all have a tough time finding them in such a large stadium, and someone is eliminated before they arrive. One order of more cuteness ahead!

Episode 43: Broadcast May 15, 2011

We begin Part 2 at Daegu Stadium, where Kim Jongkook – Gary pull in first place, which automatically earns them each a Running Ball. The other teams are on their way and Mission: Find the Guest has officially begun!

The stadium is filled with 350 extras, and our cast is boggled. How are they going to find the guests in this vast arena? The Suk Brothers are second to arrive, followed by Haha – Jihyo. It’s already been a long day for our cast…and it’s only 2:30PM.  Kim Jongkook – Gary are dressed in Blue, Haha – Jihyo are dressed in Green, Yoo Jaesuk – Ji Sukjin in White, and yet to arrive Gwangsoo in Yellow. To keep it short, each team will be addressed by their color. The teams are told to find as many guests as they can. Wait, there’s more than one? Haha wonders if SNSD are today’s guests.

The Green Team zips off and Haha charges and takes down a suspicious person…a mascot. And then, the speakers blare. “Lee Gwangsoo out!”

Our guests are finally revealed: IU  & Shin Bongsun, who’s busy peeling off Gwangsoo’s name from an extra’s shoe sole. She apologizes that his name just happened to be first. Everyone is baffled and the White team comments, “But he’s not even here yet!”

The guests’ mission is to peel off the names of the Running Men and are eliminated when their armbands are taken off. Shin Bongsun’s armband is too small so she wraps it around her leg.

Kim Jongkook adds, “Call him and tell him to take his time!” Gwangsoo, out of the game before he’s even in it! In the car, Gwangsoo asks his VJ who he misses at the moment, who answers his mother and Gwangsoo agrees.

Each of the guests have different approaches: IU asks politely whereas Shin Bongsun is more aggressive, sneaking up on her targets and forcing them to reveal their shoes. All the extras have Running Man stickers on their soles, but only 4 pairs contain the cast members’ names.

The White Team are suspicious of a large group passing by them, as they should, since IU is hiding amongst them. But then they catch someone grabbing one of the extra’s shoes to check their sole. To her relief, Yoo Jaesuk denies their suspicions and Shin Bongsun runs off.

Gwangsoo is revved up to get going and is shut down when Gary tells him he’s been eliminated and can sit it out. The look of confusion on poor Gwangsoo’s face.

Kim Jongkook finds a few fallen Running Man stickers on the track but he’s unable to figure out why, exclaiming that there are so many of them. Heh.

Shin Bongsun downs an extra’s water bottle and makes a fair point that the VJ team following her are dressed conspicuously in stripes and black. The VJ says someone’s headed their way so Bongsun dashes, telling the VJ not to follow her.

Living up to her Ace title, Jihyo tells Haha that everyone has Running Man stickers on the soles of their shoes. She shrewdly deduces that some of them would have their names. Haha chases down an extra to confirm and says that it astounds him that the guest found Gwangsoo’s name out of so many people. Just terrible luck I think, Haroro.

Just then, Haha recognizes Shin Bongsun from a distance at the same time the White team spots her. It’s funny how she’s so recognizable as both teams call out her name. They manage to catch her behind the stands but she’s a tough cookie and starts flailing her legs to kick them wherever she can. HAHA. The White Team are no strangers to Shin Bongsun’s behavior (i.e. she whacked them with a broom in a previous episode).

Once they calm her down, they propose to let her go if she reveals the other guests. They call her bluff that there are 12 guests (aka the Heroes members), noting that there’s no way Noh Sayeon could survive 5 minutes.

Shin Bongsun immediately blames her quick capture on her VJ team and Yoo Jaesuk aptly says they’re a “One-Two Punch” because of their obvious dress. There’s a flashback to Daesung’s episode where their white and red parkas made it easy for the members to point them out.

Meanwhile, IU and Gary nearly cross paths, and Gary is left chasing after a group of extras, exclaiming, “I’m not that kind of guy!” Hahaha. IU aggressively chases and takes down an extra, with Jihyo nearby who…runs towards another mascot. IU runs away without being noticed and holds up Jihyo’s name, which eliminates the Green Team.

Shin Bongsun attempts to make her escape, but the problem is that she isn’t speedy. The White Team quickly catch up to her, trying to figure out how they can eliminate her. They take her watch and cell phone, and she uses the opportunity to slip away but they catch up to her saying she’s as fast as a zombie. Shin Bongsun attempts to run away for a third time and the speakers announce the White Team has been eliminated. Woah – go IU!

The Blue team are on high alert as the members in jail comment that they keep running into Shin Bongsun. Shin Bongsun takes refuge under a staircase and while catching her breath, mentions that the guests should be in good shape.

Gary appears and spots the VJ under the staircase. He quickly discovers Shin Bongsun and baits her by telling he’ll lead her to Kim Jongkook. Gary calls out for Jongkook who answers. Cue romantic music and entrance of Shin Bongsun’s loveline: Kim Jongkook.

She coquettishly mentions that her nametag is somewhere on her body and Jongkook shrinks in embarrassment. Rawr. She doesn’t play any games and lifts her leg in the air several times to let him know. She finally places her armband in his hand and feigns her own elimination that Kim Jongkook “stole it from her.” I love how Kim Jongkook is made out to be a tough guy but is a big ol’ softie when it comes to Bongsun. I also adore how transparent Bongsun is about her crush on Kookie. In any case, Shin Bongsun is eliminated.

Back at the jail, Jihyo notices a girl with a high ponytail and everyone immediately recognizes IU. Finally! They call over Gary point him in IU’s direction. He keenly asks why they’re helping him if it’s every team for themselves. Yoo Jaesuk asks why they told Gary where IU was and Haha adds that it was MC Yoo who called him over. Hehe.

Gary waits for the right moment to sneak in but misses the timing and IU breaks into a run. Gary chases IU and her posse inside. Turns out Gary is a few seconds too late and IU rips the last  stickers from the extra’s shoes. The winner for Mission: Find the Guest – IU and Shin Bongsun!

Everyone gathers to greet each other and Shin Bongsun whispers into IU’s ear. IU then greets Kim Jongkook as “Hyungbu (Brother-in-Law).” So cute. It’s time for the guests to choose the teams they’d like to join. IU joins the White team, Gwangsoo joins the Green team, and Shin Bongsun joins the Blue team (and sends a signal by blowing in Kim Jongkook’s ear).

As they prepare for the next mission, Kim Jongkook says he’s trying to stay away being in a loveline with Shin Bongsun, to which MC Yoo corrects him by saying they’re a couple-line now. Shin Bongsun readily accepts this new relationship and greets the cast members formally. She muses that they can appear on “Darling” (a variety show for couples) and later, “The Star Junior Show” (a variety show for celebrity families).

The third mission is named, “The Top Five Daegu Streetfood.” They’re restricted to buy 3 items though asking 3 “Chance” questions. The twist is that they must announce, “We’ll buy it!” and buy the food the person answers. This means even if someone else mentions the same food, they are forced to buy the item again.

The White team are headed to Seonam Market and they play on IU’s adorable nature. The Suk Brothers make an effort to get to know IU and Yoo Jaesuk cuts off Ji Sukjin’s friendly advances. IU must have some sort of magnetic pull because even MC Yoo’s VJ keeps filming her. Hehe.

In the Blue Team’s car, Shin Bongsun teases Kim Jongkook in her dialect, and Gary is playfully annoyed. Kim Jongkook has a tough time getting his words out through Shin Bongsun’s loving gaze. She’s convinced Jongkook likes her because he keeps on avoiding her gaze. Haha! I love Kim Jongkook squirming in his seat.

The White Team arrive at Seonam Market and IU picks out a seafood shop manager to ask their first “Chance” question. He answers, “Jokbal (Pig’s feet).” They wrap it up and head out, confident in their purchase. Until a passerby informs them that Pig’s feet is only famous in Seonam Market. Ah, too late. They try asking another woman, using their second “Chance” by asking what’s famous in Daegu, not Seonam Market. She answers, “Makchang (Grilled pork/beef intestines” and they cheer. The woman sends them on their way to another place that sells makchang.

The Blue team arrive at Dongsungro, and Bongsun tries to slip away with Kim Jongkook, closing the door on Gary, and handing him a roll of money to head back to Seoul. Their objective is to also find makchang but stop at a cart selling “Napjak Mandu (flat dumplings).” Bongsun feeds Kim Jongkook, who resists at first and someone from the crowd asks Gary where Jihyo is. His answer, “She cheated on me.” LOL.

Kim Jongkook feeds someone from the crowd and he’s met by Shin Bongsun’s leering gaze. Those are eyes that can kill, Jongkook. She adds, “A man is only cool if he’s good to his own woman.” True that, sister.

They buy some flat dumplings to snack on and stop a native to use their first “Chance” question. He answers makchang and the Blue team head to a nearby makchang restaurant. The customers greet Shin Bongsun warmly and encourage her newfound relationship.

The Green team’s objective is to find a “Dakdongjib (Roasted Chicken Rectums).” They use their first “Chance” question on a small girl who confirms their guesses. They leave looking for a place that sells makchang.

Meanwhile, the Blue team asks their third “Chance” question, hoping that they’ll hear “Jjim kalbi (Stewed Beef Short Ribs).” Instead, they’re surprised to hear her say, “Suk-se bulgogi (B.B.Q. Bulgogi)” and they here it’s far away. They’re confident that this may be the one item that puts them on top and savor the grilled meat. It looks so delicious that even the PD buys some for himself. Hehe.

Can’t have a variety show without some mischief right? Shin Bongsun calls the White team to get some dirt on their current situation. IU sweetly lies that everyone’s been giving their team the same answer (makchang) and that they weren’t able to buy anything yet. The Blue Team puts on a horrible act and Ji Sukjin calls them out on their lies, saying that they should be sorry for lying to innocent IU.

The Green team arrives to hear that the Blue team paid a visit to the same makchang restaurant. They use their second “Chance” question and pick up an order of makchang. They head down the streets, casually asking and confirming their previous choices.

They stop in front of a couple heading their way and use their last “Chance” question and get…makchang. They gripe to their PD team with excuses but they ultimately buy another order of makchang. Meanwhile, the White team and the Blue team use their last “Chance” question in front of a Jjim kalbi restaurant and adds jjim kalbi to both of their lists.

The Top 5 Daegu Street food are about to be announced once all the teams have returned. The PD starts from 8th place to 6th place: “Bbalgan eomuk (Spicy fish cake)”, Jokbal, Dakdongjib.. Things aren’t looking good for either the White team or Green team, who bought one of the above items. In fifth: “Nureun Gooksu (pressured noodles),” then “Ddaro gookbab (soup and rice).”

Napjak Dumplings come in third and the Blue team regret eating it in the car. Second is Makchang and all teams get a point. Haha takes out 2 orders of makchang and asks if they get two points.

First place is left…is it jjim kalbi for the White team or sukse bulgogi for the Blue team? It’s…Jjim kalbi! The White team earn a Running Ball and everyone digs in. The Green team are up for punishment, with no Running Balls.

Today’s punishment: Elevator Boy/Girl for Daegu employees who are leaving from work in red long johns. That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for next week!


2 thoughts on “Running Man Episode 43 Part II

  1. Woo!! Go Iu! Seems she did pretty awesome this whole episode. Of course the VJ couldn’t stop filming her, who can’t love Iu? She’s too adorable.

    I love how Jongkook is so different around Bongsun. Trying to avoid the loveline and all! hahah!

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