Running Man Episode 44

So much action! So much suspense! So much romance! It’s Strong Man against Strong Man with Kim Jongkook vs. Jang Hyuk and our Running Men cast create dreamy ideas of their own in another action-packed episode.

Running Man Episode 44: Broadcast May 22, 2011

Our cast convenes in front of C Advertising Agency sharply dressed in matching suits. The cast jokes about dreaming about getting new commercials (a highly profitable source of revenue for celebrities).  Before they receive their first mission, a new rule has been implemented: Supporters/Fans will vote on the cast member they believe will be the victor. The guest and members will be divided into teams and those who voted on the winning team members will receive a “Manager’s Bonus” a covetable prize. Most of the voting occurred prior to the Running Men’s arrival. Their first mission is: Find the Guest. The Running Men’s objective is to find the guest and obtain his nametag. Their incentive to win: those who catch the guest get to divide the teams. If the guest wins, it’s the guest’s discretion.

It’s interesting to hear some of the rationale behind their votes, which include “Because he’s the Capable One” for Kim Jongkook, “He hides pretty well,” for Haha, and most hilariously, “He looks funny,” for Ji Sukjin.

The Running Man check their boxes to see how popular they are. The clear winner is Kim Jongkook and they tease Song Jihyo about her large pile of votes saying it was all the male employees. Heh.  Gary is disappointed to see the few scattered votes in his box, and exclaims, “But I’m the Running Man’s best player!”  Ji Sukjin adds, “I don’t know who the guest is, but he has more votes than me!” LOL.

Today’s guest is Jang Hyuk! He made a brief cameo back in Episode 42, when he met Kim Jongkook in the hallway. Today his motive is to eliminate Kim Jongkook. His mission is to find the Running Man’s nametags and upon finding it, that member is eliminated.  Jang Hyuk is no ordinary guest: he brought his actor friend, Shin Seunghwan as a decoy.

It’s not long after the mission has begun when Jang Hyuk hears the bells and darts for the sixth floor.

Jang Hyuk turns a corner and surprise! There’s a Running Man nametag on the floor. From another angle, we see that the tag fell from the picture it was taped to. Oops. Gary and Ji Sukjin are out of the game.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jaesuk and Gwangsoo bump into Shin Seunghwan, who feigns surprise. He acts as if he is another employee, remarking, “Yes, I often hear that I look like Shin Seunghwan.”

Shin Seunghwan leads them to the third floor…which is where Jang Hyuk is. Matter is made worse when Gwangsoo calls over Jongkook. That’s when Jongkook’s instincts kick in and keenly asks if Jang Hyuk is here. Uh oh, guess the game’s up! Jang Hyuk slips away without drawing attention to himself.

Yoo Jaesuk questions Jongkook’s suspicions and Jongkook replies, “He always hangs out with Hyuk! I’m not joking!” to which Yoo Jaesuk replies, “You can crack a joke…”

Jang Hyuk moves to the second floor lounge, and just when he’s about to climb into the chair, he hears the bells. It’s Jihyo, who’s excited about the massage chairs and happily climbs into one, taking a quick nap.

Kim Jongkook and Yoo Jaesuk check out the ninth floor and they run across a unique name “Lee Arisu.” Kim Jongkook cutely smiles and blushes at her.

Jihyo is busy playing arcade games and Jang Hyuk is nearby, looking behind a lighted magazine display. He spots another nametag behind one of them. The names indicate: Lee Gwangsoo and Song Jihyo. Jihyo returns to her game to relieve her stress. LOL

Jang Hyuk hears the bells growing closer while searching through the mini theatre. It’s Yoo Jaesuk walking down the hallway, even surprising one of the employees. He turns the corner and their eyes meet.

Uh oh! Jang Hyuk casually tries to slip past and then breaks into a run. The chase is on! Haroro is alerted by all the noise, but Jang Hyuk loses their tail. He takes a quick break and managed to change into another jacket. It’s not over yet, Jang Hyuk! Kim Jongkook is coming your way! He hides himself under a desk..but Jongkook is getting closer…and turns the corner. Close call, Jang Hyuk.

It’s lunchtime and all the employees head down to the cafeteria and the cast deduces that only the guest will be left. In jail, Ji Sukjin mentions that he feels bad that he’s let his voters down and Jihyo mentions that it’s not over yet. Gwangsoo vows that he’ll do his best to the very end for the 5 people who voted for him. Aww.

Jang Hyuk finds another nametag in one of the employees coats: Yoo Jaesuk and Haha are eliminated. Only one remains: Kim Jong Kook.

Down in the lobby, Jihyo is busy lobbying for votes, much to everyone’s chagrin. Yoo Jaesuk arrives momentarily and catches Gwangsoo trying to pull out with pens a vote from MC Yoo’s box. Hahaha. Jang Hyuk looks over the balcony to the members in jail and then…it’s Kim Jongkook!

The sudden noise catches everyone’s attention and the chase of the Commander versus Chuno begins! Their chase brings them up and down several floors until Jang Hyuk slips behind a door. He happily greets Kim Jongkook.

But don’t underestimate Jang Hyuk as he pushes Jongkook aside and wrestle to get away from him. I love the dramatic flames (literally) they’re surrounded by. Jang Hyuk reaches for the door to escape and…huh?!

Jang Hyuk grabbed for a locked door. Hehehe. Jang Hyuk moves to the seventh floor and starts asking the employees to see their name tags – smart! That’s when Jong Kook spots him and moves in for the kill…

Then the announcement, “Kim Jongkook…out!” Jang Hyuk wins the round, and earns a Running Ball for his team: Song Jihyo, Ji Sukjin, and Yoo Jaesuk.  On the other team: Kim Jongkook, Gary, Haha, and Gwangsoo.

At the meeting room, the cast meets Master Kim Hongtak, the man responsible for many popular and well-made commercials. He introduces the Second Mission: Office Dinner! Each team will introduce a concept of a restaurant and the favorable team will win.

The team who wins will receive 2 Running Balls – it’s anyone’s game! In addition, the winning team’s office dinner will be paid for, whereas the losing team is responsible to pay their own bill.  The teams are allowed to call 5 people to gain some insight into their employees’ food preferences.  MC Yoo jokingly mentions that he’ll call Lee Arisu, which ruffles up Kim Jongkook’s feathers.

MC Yoo stutters and Jang Hyuk picks up the phone. Like a true friend, he asks, “What do you think of Jongkook?” In turn, Jihyo asks the same question and the answer, “A singer I like.” After some light jests, they turn the phone over to Jongkook, who picks up in a deep voice. Hahaha.  He acts sweetly on the phone and then immediately berates Haha.

Jongkook’s team dials a random number and the employee answers…in English. O.m.G. The hilarity. Gary quickly adds, “Can you speak Korean?” to which the employee immediately switches to fluent Korean to everyone’s relief O.m.G.

The other members encourage Gary to continue in English and what follows is a hilarious conversation in broken English, “You like food?” “What kind of food?” “You choice.” “I like Japanese food.” “Sushi? Sushi?” LOL. Gary switches back to Korean and at the end of the conversation, Haha adds, “See you tomorrow!”

The members continue to call and poor Gwangsoo’s call answers with, “But why are you calling me?” Poor guy. The members have until 6:30 to create concept poster for the employees to see as they leave work. The more employees at the team’s location will be declared the winner.

Kim Jongkook’s team [aka the Red team] comes up with the concept “Memories.” They’ll combine the concept of food, music, and dance together to draw in their crowd. Yoo Jaesuk’s team [the Blue Team] draws up the concept of “Food” and decide to head to a bbq place, with some help from decoy Shin Seunghwan. Just then, they hear a familiar voice over the speakers.

It’s the Red team and Haha is advertising their idea, in a tender voice, complete with, “With the gentle spring rainy evening…don’t you want to just chuck your umbrella away?” The Blue Team suggests that they will advertise Jihyo, which is against the rules. The Blue Team head out to look for their location in Itaewon and they stop first at a Spanish food restaurant, where their specialty is “Hamong” or Iberian ham. They taste, but move on to look for another location.

The Red team’s first location is too small, and their next location is a Thai restaurant, which is too expensive. They run into Hong Suk-chun’s restaurant and Hong Suk-chun himself, who is pleasantly surprised to meet the Running Men. They explain their concept of music, dance, and nostalgia. Hong Suk-chun offers his restaurant at a “Running Man discount,” and the Red Team promises to let him know if they run across another place. Hong Suk-chun playfully admires Kim Jongkook and jokes that the rest can leave. Hehe. Kookie is so popular!

The Blue Team discovers a BBQ restaurant, but it’s located in the basement.  It’s a large space and they’re running low on time, so they decide on the location and head back to make their poster.

Meanwhile the Red Team finds a “Jeon” (Korean Pancake) restaurant decorated with old movie posters. It matches their concept perfectly and both teams settle down to draw out their posters.

The Blue Team starts to brainstorm and Jang Hyuk suggests that people are intrigued with the idea of “matchmaking.” They add in a few phrases, a play on words of, “Fiery Reserved Samgyup (Pork Belly)” and “Please join us here.” (It ends with ji-ho, but they write it as Jihyo to alert employees of Jihyo’s presence).

The Red Team brainstorms at the Jeon restaurant and they want something that catches their audience’s attention. Haha gets up and asks, “What’s that thing that looks like it’s jumping off the page? 4G?” “3D.” and pastes the pot and a makgulli (rice wine) cup onto the poster. Their finished product is simple but gets their point across and they send Gwangsoo, the youngest to put up the poster.

It’s 6:50 PM and Gwangsoo runs into Shin Seunghwan, who puts up the poster for the Blue Team. Gwangsoo immediately notices the “Jihyo” pun and asks if that’s allowed. (The staff removes the pun. Oh boo.)

The Red Team hyungs are busy eating the Scallion Pancake the owners generously shared with them and Gwangsoo returns to be fed a small crumb. I empathize with you Gwangsoo. It stinks being the youngest.  Both teams receive word that the workday is over and that the employees will head over soon. Master Kim Hongtak will arrive after 8PM to the winning team’s location.

The employees trickle and gather around the posters to choose between the locations. Some opt for the more “expensive” pork belly and the Blue team’s idea of attaching a menu intrigues them. Likewise, other employees enjoy the simple design of the Red Team’s poster. Master Kim Hongtak comments that the Red Team’s poster is too busy and scrawled with too many details, and the Blue Team’s poster looks simple at first, but piques your curiosity.

The Mission begins! Who will get the most visitors?

The Red Team’s location slowly but surely fills with C Advertising employees and they greet their guests warmly, encouraging them to name their musical selection choice and to order anything they’d like. I love it how Gwangsoo pretends that one of the more expensive items is not on the menu by covering it. Cheeky cheeky. The Red Team encourages the employees to call their friends to bring in more people and even puts on a Turbo dance for the crowd.

Lots of employees arrive to the Blue Team’s location and the members cut up and serve the meat themselves; the male employees love Jihyo and the female employees love Jang Hyuk .

Just then…Lee Arisu arrives at the Jeon restaurant and she’s welcomed with cheers by the Red Team. Kim Jongkook is (easily) forced to sit down with Arisu. When he asks what department she’s in, she shyly replies  “Event Marketing.” The other boys can’t seem to help but tease about their budding relationship. Omo , Kim Jongkook…what would Bongsun have to say about this?!

It’s 7:30pm and both team are busy at work, entertaining the crowds and serving food. The current score is Blue Team: 30 vs. Red Team 28. In a blink of an eye, it’s 8:00pm. Who will be declared the winner?

We see Master Kim Hongtak making his way both up and down the stairs of both locations…who can it be?

Both doors open…and it’s the youngest FD adorned with a wig at the Red Team’s doorstep.. Kim Jongkook swipes his card through the reader with Lee Arisu and the team members spend some time with the employees.

This must mean that the Blue Team is the winner with 63 employees vs 32! Master Kim Hongtak arrives with great applause and fanfare.  The Blue Team obtain 2 more Running Balls and win the match with 3:0.

The PDs inform both teams that there is a mission tomorrow morning. Everyone’s faces say, “Huh?” Jang Hyuk agrees that he is scheduled to film Running Man tomorrow and the Red Team smiles at the hope for redemption. It’s not over yet!!


7 thoughts on “Running Man Episode 44

  1. haha…looks like hong suk chun (owner of restaurant that red team meet a.k.a celebrity) really like Jong Kook,,isn’t he???keeps on rubbing Kookie’s muscular arm…well,,who didn’t know this “one an only one openly gay in Korea,Mr.Hong Suk Chun” …he said and inform it openly that he’s a gay in 2000…i remember…always…Hong Suk Chun.. ugh,,*speechless*

  2. For me, i like the ad of KJK team better. I think they were able to fulfill the clear vision of their ad. They deserve the win. It’s a good marketing idea tho. They’re marketing/advertising people and they cannot see that? Sorry, marketing student here. Anyways, it’s just my opinion.

    • I thought their ad had more thought behind it but it looked a little sloppy with the exposed green tape.

      I think what really did them in was their restaurant choice. It seemed a lot of employees wanted to eat the bbq cause it was the more expensive/higher level food. Jun (korean pancakes) is sold as street food in Korea.

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