Running Man Episode 45

We’re back for Day 2 with an abrupt wake-up call for the entire cast. They’re learning quickly how to plot schemes and deceive each other without shame or hesitation. All is good in love and obtaining Running Balls, I say. Another appearance of Jang Hyuk too? Sign me up! Running Man Episode 45: Broadcast May 29, 2011

The Blue Team and Red Team are back for Day 2 and the Blue team is currently leading 3:0 from last week’s mission.

It’s 9AM and Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Jongkook receive wake-up calls from the PDs outside their apartments. They’re told the wake-up mission: round up their team members and carpool to the SBS Exhibition Hall in Kangnam. The other members weren’t informed of when the wake-up mission starts, much to the team leaders’ chagrin. In addition, they’re restricted from calling the members to notify them in advance. Yoo Jaesuk needs to pick up: Ji Sukjin, Song Jihyo, and Jang Hyuk while Kim Jongkook needs to pick up Gary, Haha, and Lee Gwangsoo.

Yoo Jaesuk chooses to pick up Ji Sukjin first since he lives close by, and worries about driving all the way to Ilsan to pick up Jihyo. Meanwhile, Kim Jongkook thinks to himself about Lee Gwangsoo, who lives in Namyangjoo. Kim Jongkook then decides to head over to Haha’s home in Seolehmaeul.

It doesn’t take Yoo Jaesuk long to arrive in front of Sukjin’s place. He calls Sukjin who was sound asleep and tells him to hurry his butt over and lectures him about sleeping in when he has to work. Ji Sukjin asks for 10 minutes and Yoo Jaesuk says to be out in 2. While he’s waiting, Jaesuk realizes that he doesn’t know where Jang Hyuk lives and the PD slips a note into his hands. The PD warns him not to look at the back and Jaesuk immediately turns the paper over. Honestly, Running Man PDs, you can’t just give him candy and tell him not to eat it.

As promised, Ji Sukjin enters the car and complains about his disheveled appearance, to which Yoo Jaesuk adds he looks better than yesterday. Thankfully Samsungdong isn’t too far away, so they head off to pick up Jang Hyuk.

Meanwhile, Kim Jongkook finally arrives at Haha’s home and rushes to open the door. Only that it’s locked. Haha lets him in and Jongkook shouts instructions through the phone as he runs up the stairs. Haha’s bloated, unkempt morning face opens the door – looks like he just woke up! He can’t start filming without getting cleaned up first and heads back into the bedroom. When the cameras follow him, Haha was in the middle of changing to take a shower. Oops!

Back in Yoo Jaesuk’s car, the Blue team arrives near Jang Hyuk’s neighborhood and Ji Sukjin plays the, “You’re so close to [insert any celebrity name]” guilt card since MC Yoo refers to the guest as “Hyuk-ee.” It’s made worse that MC Yoo has never been to Jang Hyuk’s house and Ji Sukjin jests that Yoo Jaesuk doesn’t even know where his ‘close friend’ lives. Oh, your jealousy, Ji Sukjin. Yoo Jaesuk pulls out his phone to call Jang Hyuk and a woman picks up. They presume it’s his wife, until she answers, “No, wrong number.” LOL. How embarrassing.

They opt to phone Kim Jongkook instead, and Ji Sukjin wonders how willing Kim Jongkook will be. Yoo Jaesuks attempts to use a roundabout lie, “So…I have Jang Hyuk’s number…can you give me another one?” Kim Jongkook thoroughly enjoys this delicious turn of events and answers that he’ll send it via test message. But we all know…as if, right?

Haha wraps up his shower and he’s in a compromising position with the camera in full view. Kim Jongkook jokingly tries to pull him out of the shower and Haha protests how a naked grown man could be fit for broadcast. Haha pleads with the VJ to close the door, and Kim Jongkook playfully opens the door as Haha scurries into his room and slams the door.

The Suk Brothers are waiting for Kim Jongkook’s text and they’re dumbfounded at his message that reads: 010-2xxx-curveball [i.e. the curveball in baseball]. They call him out on his childish actions and Jongkook replies that they should call Cha Taehyun, another close celebrity friend of theirs and hangs up. Jongkook immediately calls Cha Taehyun to get him in on the ruse.

The Suk Brothers call Cha Taehyun who unsuccessfully lies that he doesn’t know Jang Hyuk’s number either. They’re quick to notice that Jongkook already lured him into the lie, and Taehyun informs them that the last four digits start with ‘1000’ and suggest they start there. When the Suk Brothers complain at this, he cheekily answers that they could have already called 10 numbers by now. Kim Jongkook = Cha Taehyun. What’s more hilarious about this situation is that they actually try this suggested method. A half hour later, their pride hurt more than anything, they resort to calling the PD and obtain Jang Hyuk’s manager’s number. Finally!

The Red team head out from Haha’s place and they realize that they don’t know Gary’s new place. Haha mentions that Gwangsoo knows where it is and proposes that they should pick up Gwangsoo in Namyangjoo and pick up Gary on the way back to the SBS Exhibition Hall. Brilliant, Haroro!

The Suk Brothers finally get in contact with Jang Hyuk and they hear, “Oh I’m sorry, this is the 911 Call Center….” But the Suk Brothers won’t be fooled a third time because they’ve been waiting for over an hour. So really, Kim Jongkook-Cha Taehyun – Jang Hyuk are three in a set. A fully dressed Jang Hyuk hops down the hill and, at last, joins the carpool. Only Song Jihyo in Ilsan left for the Blue Team!

Yoo Jaesuk fills Jang Hyuk in to a plan to get back at the Red Team for causing so much trouble: they’ll kidnap Gwangsoo so the Red Team can’t win. It’s feasible since they can call non-team members and tell him the rules have changed. Gwangsoo picks up the phone and immediately buys into the lie about gathering as many members in one car as possible. I still love your innocence Gwangsoo!

The Red Team are in Namyangjoo when a confused Gwangsoo calls. The man with a plan Kim Jongkook yells at him to hurry up and head downstairs, and, bring some breakfast. At the same time, the Blue Team reanalyze their plan to kidnap Gwangsoo. Jang Hyuk mentions that Jongkook strategizes his moves and that he could already be picking up Gwangsoo and simply head back down to the SBS Exhibition call. Uh oh! They quickly call Gwangsoo back and their imagined worst-case scenario is true: Kim Jongkook is on his way to pick up Gwangsoo.

Jang Hyuk stealthily lies to Gwangsoo with lines like, “Which is more important to you? Variety or Acting? If you want to survive in the variety world, get in their car, but if being an actor is more important, get in ours. I don’t know. Bye!” The Blue Team changes their tactic to pick up Jihyo in Ilsan instead.

The Red Team are impatiently waiting in front of Gwangsoo’s house. Gwangsoo feeds Jang Hyuk’s lies to the Red Team and Haroro replies, “Gwangsoo, if you want to survive in variety, get in their car. If you want to survive, get in this car!” Fear of God. Check. Gwangsoo arrives with breakfast in tow and the Red team relaxes at the sight of food.

The Blue Team conspire on alternatives to delay the Red Team since picking up Jihyo is out of their way. That’s when Ji Sukjin suggests to give Gary a fake mission to buy time. They send their fake mission to Gary via text message with the PD’s phone to make it more believable: Buy ingredients to make kimchi stew for 4 people at your nearest market. Jang Hyuk even gets nitpicky about the instructions, “Don’t put ‘around.’ Give him a definite destination.” I’m impressed, Jang Hyuk. Will Gary fall for this deception?

Sure enough, Gary’s outside and the VJ is surprised to see him. Gary even shows the camera the fake text he received from the PD and heads out. He calls Ji Sukjin and the Blue Team are ecstatic that Gary gullibly fell into their trap. Gary asks what the other members must buy and conclude that it’s all different. When they hang up, innocent Gary reflects, “Ah, I’m so grateful to have such nice non-team members.” The Blue Team have complicated things indeed as the Red Team heads to pick up Gary and Gary heads to the market.

The Blue Team arrive at Ilsan and call Jihyo, hoping that she’s not still asleep. The groggy, cracked voice that answers says otherwise, I think. It’s nearly midday and the Suk Brothers scold her for sleeping in. What’s surprising is that when the Blue team asks how long it will take for her to get read, Jihyo replies that she’ll head right out. Jang Hyuk notes, “This is the first time I’ve heard that from an actress.”

The Red Team arrive at Gary’s place and call, only to find him at the market, just bought the ingredients for their ‘mission.’ The Red Team deduces that Gary’s been tricked by a fake mission and Kim Jongkook berates Gary for not confirming with the staff. They decide to meet in front of Lotte Hotel and Haroro adds, “Jongkook is too angry to answer the phone.” Oh, Gary, your innocent idiocy has incurred Jongkook’s wrath.

Song Jihyo heads towards the car with her no-makeup face, clearly just woken up. The boys tease her about sleeping in, and she proceeds to put on makeup. Song Jihyo’s method of makeup for the day: squirt lotion, air dry, done! Hahaha. I love it how Jang Hyuk curiously looks on, astounded that any actress would behave that way. Now it’s a race to get to the SBS Exhibition Hall!

The Red Team checks in with the Blue Team and Ji Sukjin asks where Gary is. They exaggerate that Gary’s out to buy ingredients and the Blue Team snicker at their successful prank. Haroro adds, however, that they don’t have enough ingredients, so, “Jongkook plans to use you hyungs instead. We’re going to make Stir-fried Jaesuk.” Jongkook asks if the Blue Team thought that Gary fell for the stunt and breaks into maniacal laughter to save face. Gary, however, laughs at his babo-ness and the fear of Jongkook settles in. Gary is told that he never fell for the Red Team’s silly trick and hisses, “We’re okay.” Note to self: Never cross Kim Jongkook.

Kim Jongkook and his team are the first to arrive at the SBS Exhibition hall and they hurry to find clues in the electronics section (with a not-so-subtle smart TV placement, might I add). The Blue Team are one step too late and they lazily get out of the car, slightly defeated. Both teams must correctly log into the SBS account on the screen and they’re given a hint: Who are you?

The Red Team sticks with their gut and enters ‘runningman’ in English and Master Kim Hongtak returns with a video message. The C Advertising Agency is preparing a coffee commercial and the mission is to collect 30 different types of coffee and bring it to his office. They head on out, but unplug the Blue team’s TV as revenge for tricking Gary. In the car, the Red Team strategize and Gwangsoo suggests that they stop by a convenience store and buy the various types of coffee there. Sounds simple and easy = good idea!

Jihyo figures out the password and the Blue Team look for a coffeeshop within the Exhibition Hall. They decide to buy all the different types from the menu. The Red Team gather 40 different kinds of coffee and rush out, while the Blue team takes a bit longer. Who will deliver to the Master’s office first?

The next thing we know, the Master is surprised and the Blue team enters the office with their coffees. He congratulates them and the Blue Team celebrate their victory.

That is, until the door opens and the Red Team greets them, joking that they were eating kimchi stew. The Red Team earns 3 Running Balls and the teams are tied up again!

The supporters/C Agency employees who voted for the Running Man cast members gather in the lounge to cheer on the cast. Their last mission is: Find the Best CF (Commerical) Model. There’s 4 Running Balls on the line now, and Master Kim Hongtak encourages the cast to give it their best.

Round 1: The members choose a pair of jeans on the rack and model it for their judges: Oh Haewon, Lee Dohoon, Kim Hongtak, Kim Taehae, and Jo Hwanjun.

The first pair is Kim Jongkook against Yoo Jaesuk. The judges ask to describe a concept for their jeans and Kim Jongkook says, “Jeans…are sexy.” as he lifts his shirt to flash his perfect physique. Yoo Jaesuk attempts the more humorous angle and starts to undo his belt, which surprises everyone. His concept is that “Jeans are comfortable.” and proceeds to lie on the ground, as if he’d kicked back at home. Hehehe.

Next up is the Monday Couple, and Gary’s bright jeans are reminiscent of the ‘80s. That doesn’t shake his confidence in them and the judges take notice. They have a model walk-off and Jihyo is eliminated.

The last pair is Gwangsoo versus Jang Hyuk. Gwangsoo is in skinny jean shorts and Jang Hyuk in an extremely baggy, flashy pair. They too have a walk-off and Gwangsoo looks relaxed, since he is a former model. Jang Hyuk isn’t one to lose, however, and he walks right up to the judges and dances for them, even sending a wink to Oh Haewon. Excuse me, I’m swooning over here. Gwangsoo is eliminated and it’s Jang Hyuk vs. Gary for the final round!

Their last mission is to shoot a fake commercial. They hit a target of possible commercial products and Gary picks a bath towel and Jang Hyuk picks makeup. Gary is up first, and he chooses a ‘strong man’ image, swaying his hips and then…immersing his head in water and flips his hair back. LOL. He delivers the line, “You and I…can’t be separated.” Aww.

It’s Jang Hyuk’s turn to shoot a fake makeup commercial. How are you so sexy even when you wash your face? He softly applies the lotion and delivers his line, “It’s morning…” HAHAHA. So simple and yet so hilarious. The judges were evenly divided and it’s up to Master Kim Hongtak to make the final decision…Jang Hyuk!

The Blue Team celebrate their victory of 7:3 as the Red Team solemnly look on and the C Advertising Agency Employees cheer. The employees who voted for the Blue team receive the “Manager’s Bonus” What a way to end!


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