Running Man Episode 46

Watch your back Running Men. There’s a spy amongst you. This week, Kim Hyun Joong employs a member to be his partner-in crime. Betrayal is bittersweet. Everything you have come to believe will crumble. Who can you trust?

Running Man Episode 46: Broadcast June 5, 2011

It’s early in the morning and we’re introduced to this week’s guest: Kim Hyun Joong. The guest’s mission: In the K Bookstores, rip off the Running Men’s nametags (After 2 members are eliminated, the location will change). The staff has readied 3 bookstores throughout Seoul. If you’ve done the math, that’s only 6 out of 7 members. Hmm.

A new rule is implemented for today’s mission: Kim Hyun Joong may choose a member to act as his spy. He looks over the names and points out…Gwangsoo? Kim Hyun Joong explains he can’t really rely on him so he’s out of the running. Kim Hyun Joong’s quirky logic eliminates the Monday Couple and finally chooses Haha, noting that he might enjoy being a spy and can lie easily enough. Haha it is!

Hyun Joong calls Haha, who guesses, “F…F4?” (Kim Hyun Joong previously acted in Boys Over Flowers, where he was part of the illustrious ‘F4’ or Flower 4). Hyun Joong proceeds to explain the mission, which at first Haha replies, “You’re not supposed to tell me beforehand!” Since when were you so careful of the rules, Haroro? Haroro is fully on board and tells Hyun Joong, “I’ll show you what betrayal looks like today.” and signs off with, “F1!” to Hyun Joong’s “F4!” Cute.

A little later, our cast is in front of a K Bookstore and they’re informed of the mission, leaving out Haroro’s involvement of course. Haha lays it on thick, asking if they have to run away from or chase the guest. Oh Haha, sometimes your denseness can be so transparent. The cast wraps up their opening and heads inside.

They browse a few titles on the shelves, such as “It’s lonely on top” for Ji Sukjin. Heh. Kim Jongkook’s eagle eye immediately notices that the bookstore is rather empty and that it will be difficult for the guest to hide. Kim Jongkook can’t seem to shake off that something’s off and casually asks Haroro if there’s someone on the inside. Haha stutters in response if it’s Ji Sukjin. Kim Jongkook picks up on his sudden nervousness, but lets it slide. Ah, they’re all getting suspicious of each other.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jaesuk spots Gary buying a planner instead of searching for the guest. Kim Jongkook and Ji Sukjin try to deduce the spy. Ace Jihyo? She’s too busy looking for the guest. Gwangsoo? Definitely not. They begin to get suspicious of Haha who deflects the suspicion onto Yoo Jaesuk.

Kim Jongkook figures out that there’s one person left over, confirming someone’s not on their side. Yoo Jaesuk defends Gary, telling them he’s busy buying a planner, which sparks everyone’s suspicion.

Innocent Gary doesn’t even know what’s coming as the other members rush in, nearly ripping off his name tag. He’s shocked and stumbles over his words. Ah, guess it’s not him after all.

One floor up, Ace Jihyo is busy searching the shelves for the guests. The sound of the bells alert Hyun Joong that someone is coming for him and he slips into a storeroom. Jihyo shouts for the other members to come, and that’s when Hyun Joong darts out the door and speeds down the hall before the cast can catch a glimpse of him.

Hidden in a stairwell, Hyun Joong calls Haha and they plan for Haha to bring someone to the 2nd floor basement in the music collection. The cast exclaim on how they keep running into each other since the place is so empty and so they opt to split up. Haha and Yoo Jaesuk stick together as Haha leads him downstairs…

Haha acts casual until Hyun Joong is in position. Then…pounce! Hyun Joong grabs Yoo Jaesuk and Haha makes a run for it. As Yoo Jaesuk protests, Haha returns… to softly quiet Yoo Jaesuk while Hyun Joong rips off the nametag with force. Two large men carry Yoo Jaesuk away, placing a mask over his face to prevent him from shouting. Yoo Jaesuk is eliminated.

In the car, Yoo Jaesuk stews in disbelief over Haha’s betrayal, muttering that he can’t forget Haha’s stare. What’s more is that his pride is wounded because he listened to Haha when he softly said, “Be quiet.” Haha sure has come a long way…

Haha informs Hyun Joong that he’ll bring someone to the bathroom and Hyun Joong hides in a stall, waiting for his next target.

Meanwhile, the cast members meet up and Ji Sukjin greets Gwangsoo warmly that they’ve succeeded in not being the first ones eliminated. Haha casually asks Gwangsoo if he wants to go to the bathroom and Gwangsoo readily agrees… If you only knew, Gwangsoo…

As they enter the bathroom, Gwangsoo notices the top of someone’s head in a stall, but thinks nothing of it. That’s when Haha makes his move, grabs Gwangsoo and corners him in a stall. Hyun Joong moves in and rips off the nametag off of horror-stricken Gwangsoo. Gwangsoo is left in pure disbelief and stews over the betrayal with Yoo Jaesuk in the car. With his elimination, everyone must move to a new location.

Yoo Jaesuk and Gwangsoo immediately head to jail and they laugh at the absurdity of the location: in the middle of the K Bookstore office. Even though it’s nearly lunchtime, there’s a small audience staring at the two in jail. Awk.ward.

The next K Bookstore is larger than the last and the cast grow worried that they won’t be able to find the guest. They’re convinced that the guest’s mission involves something with books, such as finding their names or bestsellers. Haha confirms the next meeting place with Hyun Joong and tries to pull Ji Sukjin away from the others.

Jihyo is searching for the guest and Hyun Joong hears the bells coming closer. Jihyo turns a corner and then…they meet! She’s got a good look at him this time and he speeds away down the corridor like lightening, and catches Kim Jongkook’s attention as he whizzes by. He manages to lose their tail and slip away.

It doesn’t take long for Haha and Ji Sukjin to head in that same direction and Haha spots the VJ in the distance. He lures Ji Sukjin in that direction, pretending to let Ji Sukjin be the hero of the hour and in a flash, covers Ji Sukjin’s mouth , and with a devilish grin says, “I’m sorry hyung…I let you live for a while now…”

With that, Ji Sukjin is out and Gary cries, “Then who’s going to drive?” LOL. And then there were three…

Back at jail, Yoo Jaesuk and Gwangsoo sit at the empty office, their stomachs growling. Some good-hearted employees offer them food, but they’re restricted from eating it. The PDs head out for lunch and Gwangsoo proposes that they call the Bookstore and give an announcement that Haha is a spy. They obtain the list of phone numbers… secret mission!

Haha and Jihyo enter the music store and Haha checks the area to see if Kim Jongkook or Gary are around. They aren’t and Haha sends a text to Hyun Joong to inform him of their location. Jihyo is suddenly spooked by the noise from the speakers and Haha adorably sits her down and puts headphones over her ears.

Hyun Joong appears from around the corner and the two pin Jihyo and rips off her nametag. She’s astounded and confused at this unexpected turn of events. Only Gary and Kim Jongkook remain…

At jail, Gwangsoo is on the phone with an employee, who mistakes his name for “Bongsoo” instead of Gwangsoo. Aww, another person who doesn’t know who he is! Unfortunately, the PD arrives just as Gwangsoo whispers that Haha is helping the guest and catches them in the act.

The announcement is spoken but the members have already exited the building to head to the third K Bookstore. In the car, Kim Jongkook, with the ever sharp eye, notices that the person eliminated disappears. Strange, huh?

Song Jihyo and Ji Sukjin arrive at jail, in utter disbelief at Haha’s betrayal. Yoo Jaesuk gripes about how he’s not meant to be in jail yet and Jihyo notes that he always says that and Gwangsoo said, “I tried really hard today.”

Finally, the third K Bookstore. Haha and the other cast members arrive, their mission to eliminate Kim Hyun Joong by looking for bestsellers. Momentarily, Kim Jongkook spies Hyun Joong in the distance, and he makes a run for it. A chase ensues with Hyun Joong speeding down the shelves, Kim Jongkook trying to catch him, Haha deliberately slowing down, and Gary, who doesn’t know a thing. Hyun Joong again outruns the cast members and successfully hides away in a reading spot.

Hyun Joong signals Haha to bring Gary over, and innocent Gary is lured in to take a seat right in front of Hyun Joong. That’s when Hyun Joong makes his move and rips Gary’s nametag off and Haha runs to shake off any suspicions. Easy pickings. Then there was one. Kim Jongkook.

Kim Jongkook spots Gary being hauled away and his suspicions arise. Kim Jongkook and Haha round up Hyun Joong and they count down from 10. They both grab Kim Jongkook and out of well-placed fear, Hyun Joong runs away. Kim Jongkook is shocked at the absurdity of the situation and backs into a wall, inviting them to try and take him. Hmm, no easy feat this will be.

They pounce and Kim Jongkook easily pins both of them down, frantically searching for Hyun Joong’s nametag. This provides the perfect opportunity for Hyun Joong to reach over Kim Jongkook’s back…but fails as Kim Jongkook instinctively pulls back. Oh boy.

Not long after, Kim Jongkook thrusts Haha into a storeroom and it’s Hyun Joong on his own. They try to push Kim Jongkook away, but it’s no use. In a tussle that leaves everyone tired, Kim Jongkook finally manages to take Hyun Joong’s name tag.

It’s over…Jongkook obtains a Running Ball for his team: The Monday Couple and Gwangsoo.

They take a quick break and Kim Jongkook continues to berate Haha while complimenting Hyun Joong. Of course Haha is going to become upset! Haha says that it might be two months until Kim Jongkook forgives him and Kim Jongkook corrects him saying he should be looking at the end of the year. Poor puppy.

Everyone gathers for their second mission with 2 Running Balls on the line: Find the Married Couples! Out of 450 employees, there are only 7 married couples, and each team may bring 3 couples each. The team who get the most right obtains 2 Running Balls. Each team places a heart sticker on the ‘couples’ the decide on.

Yoo Jaesuk reads off a list of the couples’ characteristics:

1. Lovey-Dovey Couple

2. Newlywed Couple

3. Jang-go Couple (Jang Donggun & Go SoYoung)

4. Glasses Couple (Both wear glasses)

5. Jeollado-Kyeongsangdo Couple

6. Same Floor Couple

7. Rich Daughter Couple

The teams split up and the Red Team, led by Kim Jongkook head to the 13th floor while the Blue Team led by Yoo Jaesuk heads to the 8th floor. Haha starts to read off the characteristics, but the employees have been told not to give the cast any tips. There’s an adorable moment where Hyun Joong smiles and laughs because he mistook two people in a cubicle as a couple…and two men peek their heads out. Oops!

His next guess stems from better logic as they find a female employee, Shim Eunjoo, who is acting ‘awkwardly.’ Uh huh, okay Hyun Joong. The plot thickens as she has a baby picture on her desktop and mentions she’s from Busan (in Kyeongsangdo Province). They stick a heart on her shoulder and move on to find her husband.

Next thing we know, they’re awkwardly interrupting a meeting and Haha draws the short stick and apologizes for intruding and explains their mission. The CEO happens to be in a good enough mood and the rest of the Blue Team makes their greetings. He points to Park Dongwook, and the Blue Team has their first pair.

The Red team search the 13th floor carefully and Jihyo, ever the Ace, spots a wedding photo on one of the employees’ cell phone. The other members gather and spot a lovey-dovey nickname. The Red Team is positive they’ve found a match and set off to find Mrs. “Bong bong bara bong.” Hehe. It’s the secretary from outside the CEO’s office and she’s hesitant to hand over her phone. The Red Team gets their first match.

The Blue Team spot matching seat cushions for two employees sitting next to each other, which keenly spark their curiosity. They call someone named “That Woman” from the male employee’s phone…and the female employee’s rings with an incoming call from “That Man.” The Blue Team is sure they caught them red-handed and they’ve picked their second couple.

Meanwhile, the Red Team check a certain female employee and call her husband, who hilariously says that he’s resigned. They find the supposed culprit and settle on their second match.

The Blue team pick out their last couple, finding the bride by the photo on the husband’s desk and the Red Team find their last couple, with both parties married for 6 months. Now that they have their couples, who will be right?

Everyone is back and there are couple rings set out for the correct couples. The losing team will be responsible to pay for the couple rings and are also hit with a blast of air as punishment. The husband will say “Honey” and if the wife responds with “Honey,” the team has found a successful match!

The Blue Team goes first with their “Seat Cushion” and “That Man/Woman” couple. The male employee says, “Honey…” and she responds, “Gyuseok sunbae (senior).” Everyone’s shocked and the Red Team is blasted with air. Oops! What happened? It turns out that Gyuseok bought the cushions in bulk, and the “That Man/Woman” was an inside joke. He clarifies that he is recently married and played along for the sake of variety.

He pleads with Yoo Jaesuk to confirm it so that he can go home safely tonight. LOL. I’d be scared too, buddy. In any case, the Blue Team fails to make a successful match.

The Red Team succeeds with their first couple and they ask the husband an advantage of being married to which he replies, “We’re together all the time and we communicate well.” When asked about a disadvantage, he slyly responds, “We’re together all the time…” Heheh.

The Blue Team gets one couple correct and the Red Team fail to make a successful second match. Now it’s tied for 1:1.

There’s one couple remaining for both teams and the Blue Team is up first. The husband is from Jeollado and the wife says she’s from Seoul, with a Kyeongsado accent. Hehe. Can’t fool the Running Men, dear. And…yay!

The Blue Team makes a successful match and the couple step forward to get their couple rings. The husband, however, is a bit too truthful and says, “This is the reason why I came” while looking at the rings. Hehehe.

One couple remains for the Red Team, but before they can determine if they’re correct, Kim Jongkook mentions that the Monday Couple can take a pair of rings if they try the mission too.

Gary willingly opens his arms and after a bit of hesitation, Jihyo responds with “Honey” and the Blue Team gets hit with air. Some commotion erupts as everyone tries to hug everyone else in order to get rings, but the Monday Couple put on their couple rings. How cute!

It’s time for the final “Bong bong bara bara bong” couple to be tested. The Red Team succeeds as the couple hug each other and the teams tie with 2 correct couples each.

The Red Team has 3 Running Balls to the Blue Team’s 2, but it’s not over yet! Tomorrow’s mission starts at 9AM at the K Bookstore Headquarters. Oh yeah!


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