Running Man Episode 47

We’re back for more on Day 2 from early in the morning to a long mission that tests their speed and skills. The clock is against them as they run across Seoul to complete their tasks before time runs out. Time’s a wastin’, Running Men. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

Running Man Episode 47: Broadcast June 12, 2011

On Day 2, the staff waits outside the K Building for the Running Men. Kim Hyun-joong arrives first and is told the mission: the first team to sit at their desk on the 12th floor by 9AM will obtain 2 Running Balls. Hm, something tells me things are not what they seem…

Sure enough, he’s stuck behind a line of K employees waiting for the elevator. He’s like an obedient puppy, apologizing for cutting the line and politely refusing when they try and make room for him. There’s a part of me that wonders why the employees will opt to choose a crowded elevator over taking the stairs, but then again, I hate stairs. Hyun Joong finds himself squished into the next elevator like sardines in a can.

It’s not long after when Gwangsoo shows up and his arrival is a surprise since he lives so far away (40 km to be exact). He’s completely determined and in such a hurry that he takes the elevator to the 8th floor but takes the stairs the rest of the way . He completely whizzes past Hyun Joong on the twelfth floor before taking his seat.

As more Running Man members arrive, it’s apparent that the long line for the elevator is just part of going to work. I honestly thought that it was a ruse set by the producers, but they worked it into the norms of the company. When Yoo Jaesuk arrives, he has good reason to be suspicious about the long line. He asks if he’s on hidden camera and questions if they are real employees. His suspicions are valid since the producers are known to employ hundreds of extras to deceive the cast in the past.

Gwangsoo calls up Kim Jongkook to tell him to hurry because there’s a punishment for the person who’s late. He even tries to slip in a white lie that there are 10 Running Balls on the line and he’s met with: “That means the next game is worth 20 Running Balls!” HAHA. Your motivation is so transparent Kim Jongkook.

Yoo Jaesuk calls Haha in order to delay him with, “We have 3 people on our team, your team only has Gwangsoo…” and Hyun Joong corrects him that Haroro is on their team. He quickly changes tactics and shouts for Haha to come ASAP, adding that there’s 10 Running Balls to be won. How many Running Balls they win is just arbitrary now. With Ji Sukjin’s arrival, Yoo Jaesuk’s team is only one member short.

It’s a few minutes past 9, and Gwangsoo calls up and gets berated by Jihyo. Someone get this poor fellow a teddy bear. Gwangsoo tries to bait her saying that everyone else is waiting on her, but alas, she catches him in the blatant lie, that Kim Jongkook was in front of her. Both Gary and Kim Jongkook arrive at the same time, and they rush in, completely ignoring the employees lined up for the elevators. They’re scolded by the staff and they embarrassingly stand at the end of the line. Song Jihyo arrives and Haha follows in after her.

It’s evident that their order is determined and at this rate, Haha will come in last. Yoo Jaesuk’s team tells him to take the stairs and Kim Jongkook’s team thinks of the same idea and what do you know, everyone’s bolting up the stairs to the 12th floor. The race is on! Not surprisingly, Kim Jongkook is in the lead, with his exhausted VJ trailing behind him. The other members wait and then the door opens…it’s Haha followed by Kim Jongkook.

Gwangsoo tries to prevent him from taking his seat, but it’s no use and the Blue Team win the Morning Mission. But wait…wasn’t Kim Jongkook in the lead?? The tape shows that Kim Jongkook passed the 12th floor and kept climbing, which left a perfect opportunity for Haha before Kim Jongkook realized his mistake.

When the cast members convene again, they’re dressed in new colors: Green for Kim Jongkook’s team and Gold for Yoo Jaesuk’s team. The score’s tied 3:3, so it’s anyone’s game. This is the Running Men’s last mission and rightly so, they guess it’s a loonnnng one. The first part is: Survival Quiz. With every question they correctly answer, they’ll accrue their ‘survival time.’ As in, more time to complete tasks.

Yoo Jaesuk correctly answers the first question, much to the gripes of the other members, especially Haha who answered incorrectly for the sake of variety, of course. Hahaha, ok. Yoo Jaesuk earns 5 hours, and Yoo Jaesuk is called to MC the rest of the Survival Quiz. Hey, if you have a talented MC, let him do the work, right?

The next question is about a Charles Dickens novel and Kim Hyun Joong answers and gains 4.5 hours himself. The Green Team looks half astounded at the simplicity of the questions and half lost. The only person answering is Kim Jongkook and the rest are just blank when it comes to answering the questions.

It’s actually pretty hilarious that Kim Jongkook has such a raging competitive spirit that he’s willing to forsake his own team members. Jihyo is given an opportunity in the spotlight; Kim Jongkook feeds her answer to which she dutifully repeats, and ding! It’s wrong and Kim Jongkook furiously taps his own buzzer and shouts the right answer.

There’s another question worth 4 hours: What is “Gongjoo [princess]” in English? Gary: “Oh my god. [Korean] I have to answer in English? …Queen?” Gary continues to stumble over the words and Jihyo buzzes in, “Princess!” Yoo Jaesuk clarifies that they have to spell it out. He’s just teasing them now, isn’t he? Ji Sukjin and Haha both fail, and it’s Gary’s turn again, and he tosses out all the random English words he knows. Ji Sukjin finally manages to spell it out correctly. Another 3 hour question is given: Who is the famous author who wrote ‘Cinderella’, ‘The Princess & the Frog,’ and ‘Snow White’?

Haha answers the SIMPSONS. OMG. My sides are hurting, seriously. Jihyo successfully answers: “The Grimm Brothers.” Haha answers the last question which places Gwangsoo in last place with a measly 1 hour timer.

The cast is told that the hours they’ve earned are their personal time-keepers. When their clocks runs out, that member is eliminated. The mission is simple: The first team who complete a mission, obtains 3 autographs from six famous authors and comes back before time runs out wins. The catch is that the autograph counts once. The six authors are revealed: Park Bumshin (writer), Kim Hongshin (screenwriter), Kang Pool (comic book writer), Jang Yoonjoo (model), Jo Hyeryun (comedian/celebrity), Kim Ockjung (Haha’s mother).

Both teams pile into their cars and the Green Team chooses to visit the closest author, Park Bumshin and the Gold Team head towards Kim Hongshin. The dynamics within each car is pretty different as the Green Team’s car argue like a family on vacation and the Gold Team is trying to set up a strategy.

The Green Team arrives at their destination and, Gwangsoo is given the mission since he’s limited in time. He introduces himself on the phone only to be met with, “Who are you?” Aww. It’s sad but funny that he works so hard and no one knows him. The Green Team gets their mission: <Highfive> They’re a bit hesitant because Koreans customarily greet their elders in a bow, and a highfive runs that fine line between being fun or being rude. The other team members greet him and Gwangsoo lifts his hand…smack! Success! They get their autographed book and strategize where to go next, with Gwangsoo solemnly impatient in the background.

The Gold team arrives at Kim Hongshin’s home and they’re greeted warmly. Their mission: <Both hands Thumbs up> They head up the stairs and the bookworm I am is in heaven with walls filled with full shelves of books. Time’s a wastin’ so all the members raise both their thumbs up in earnest, much to the confusion on Kim Hongshin. It’s not working so Haha slyly attacks with, “We’re not the best right?” Kim Hongshin: “Aww, why do you think that…” LOL. This man has such a wonderful heart but he doesn’t know that these guys have to get going! Get those thumbs up!

The Running Men are persistent and Kim Hongshin finally asks: “Why are your thumbs up like this?” while imitating the Running Men. Nice! It’s time for them to move on but Kim Hongshin sets them down for a chat. For the next 15 minutes, he’s feeding words of wisdom, but they’ve tuned out long before. Haha asks out of feigned annoyance for the autograph and the others berate him for interrupting his elder (but probably relieved to see the end of this long-winded chat). The Running Men asks for the autograph to be made out to the show and Kim Hongshin asks disappointedly: “Running Man? You don’t want me to sign it for any of you in particular?” and they all clamor for it to be autographed for them. Hehe.

Time’s ticking for Gwangsoo as he declares he has 12 minutes, 4 minutes, but the rest of the members don’t seem too perturbed. They’re reaching a toll gate and the clock’s ticking…26 seconds left! A countdown has started and the other members cheer while a panicked Gwangsoo wishes it wasn’t the end. Alas, he’s dropped off when they’re out of the tunnel and literally kicked out with their happy goodbyes. The captions read: “The lonely one…his name is Lee Gwangsoo.”

Meanwhile, the Gold team heads over to meet Jang Yoonjoo in Shinsadong. Haha’s completely transparent as he shouts over the phone: “We’re not here to hang out with you! We just want your autograph!” With 20 minutes left, he has every right to be. The mission: Get Jang Yoojoo to say, <”Do you like me?”>. Haha takes the lead and his thick-skinnedness is completely evident as he yells at her over the phone but as soon as she arrives, cries out: “I love you!” He pours out words of awkward adoration as Jang Yoonjoo, close friends with some of the members, shoots him down: “I’m feeling kind of burdened.” Hehe. I love it how she gets so nervous when Hyun Joong says the same line.

The members keep trying as she gets more confused and finally bursts out: “I like you too!” Close, but no cigar. She gets fed obvious clues until she’s so close and the members shout: “Take out ‘saeee!’” and “Put [me] in!” and it finally clicks, she succeeds, and squeals in glee. So adorable and so cool. The Gold Team decide to head to Kang Pool, the comic writer, and Haha grows quiet as his timer ticks down the time. There’s just over a minute left, and *click* Yoo Jaesuk says: “I’ve opened the door for you.” HA. Time’s up and Haha is dropped off the side of the road.

We head back to the Green Team and huh? They’re outside Kang Pool’s house too. The mission: Get Kang Pool to say <”You’re handsome”>. Gary takes the lead: “Have you gone to America? What is the South like?” It gets lost in translation, but both America and South contain the necessary clues to the answer. He catches on and tells Gary: “You’re handsome.”

The Gold Team arrives at Kang Pool’s home to be met with the same mission, unaware of the Green Team’s visit. Kang Pool does a great job in entertaining the Gold Team and putting up a front like he doesn’t know what the mission is. He signs their book and in the speech bubble, writes: “Sorry” and fesses up that the Green Team just left 5 minutes ago.

Kim Jongkook picks up the annoyed Gold Team’s phone call, clearly amused that they fell for his little trick. They’re angry and declare that they’ll visit Jo Hyeryun and Kim Jongkook cheekily lies that she’s autographed for them too. They decide to head to Kim Ockjung, Haha’s mother instead. When they arrive, however, the Gold Team spies the Green Team at the other end of the park. The mission: <Please take care of my Haha>

Their worst fears have come true, as the Green Team already completed their mission and just need Kim Ockjung’s signature. Even Haha’s phone call to stall her fails as she says, “You have to follow the rules on broadcast!” Love her. The Gold Team gives up to head to Jo Hyeryun and Kim Jongkook is running out of time with just over 20 minutes left.

The time montage builds up the suspense as Kim Jongkook is speeding to get back in time and the Gold Team meets Jo Hyeryun and gets her autograph. Now it’s just a matter of who gets back first!

Back at the K Building, Haha and Gwangsoo rile up the crowd, reminding them that they’re tied and one team has arrived! The door is opening and everyone’s eyes are glued to find out who today’s winning team is….

It’s the Gold Team as Yoo Jaesuk, Ji Sukjin, and Kim Hyun Joong enter the room, much to the applause and cheering of their supporters, who receive the “Manager’s Bonus”. The Gold Team wins! But what about Kim Jongkook? Apparently he ran out of time and we see him alone, reading one of the books on a bus…


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