An Introduction to gummimochi

Hi everyone!

First of all a HUGE thanks to everyone in regards to the recap over at Dramabeans! I’m really honored at the opportunity to write for such a great site! As you can already tell, you’ll be able to find some (unpolished) recent recaps of RM at this blog here and you’ll see the most current ones over at Dramabeans. It’s going to be a fun ride so I hope you guys stick around!

I realized that I didn’t properly introduce myself over there and to many, I’m just simply gummimochi. So I thought it was appropriate to do a quick FAQ.

  • What’s with the name anyway? It’s pretty simple. I love gummi candy (in particular, sour gummy worms) and mochi. It’s also a play on words since mochi is also gummy, so there you have it!
  • Can you do the recap when ___ guest-starred? You’ll find some recent recaps below. But I’m open to suggestions, so shoot those requests to:
  • When did you start recapping? I’ve followed lots of kdrama recaps but this is my first time recapping!

If there are any other questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me and I’ll probably create a longer, more substantial FAQ.

(P.S. I’m watching Part II of the Anniversary Ep as we speak and getting better screencap quality so I hope you’re excited as I am!)



4 thoughts on “An Introduction to gummimochi

  1. Hi Gummimochi, thanks for recapping RM @ JB site.. I have so much fun watching the show and reading your recaps! I’ll be watching your blogspace too going forward. 😉

    • Thanks bittercandy! Sorry for the late reply… but I really appreciate your comment! There’s been some requests for older recaps – comment on the newest post if that’s something you’re interested in reading!

  2. May I just say that I am also an ardent lover of gummy candy, especially sour gummy worms. When I tell people I don’t like chocolate, they look at me like I’ve grown another head, but my heart lies with the chewy side of delicious sugardom. ^_^

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