Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: First Impressions [Updated]

It’s official: I’ve lost a few brain cells and I can’t get ’em back. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, prepare yourself – your world is about to be rocked.

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Song Joong-ki Dated In Secret

*Crack* There goes my broken heart. The Korean news outlets are having a field day after the astonishing confession that yes, Song Joong-ki is dating someone through an interview with SBS “One Night of Entertainment.” There are only a few details so far, including that he’s been seeing the lucky girl in secret and never gotten caught. ┬áMore will be revealed in the interview’s broadcast on October 19.

To be honest, I’m amazed he’s been able to keep a relationship under wraps since the industry feeds on rumors and the paparazzi buzzes around every corner. And though you’ll find the shattered pieces of my heart on the floor, I wish him all the best. Be happy Song Joong-ki!

Note: Due to a baseball game this past Sunday, there was no new episode of Running Man. Which means we have to wait another week for his epic return to Running Man. Boo.

source: soompi