Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: First Impressions [Updated]

It’s official: I’ve lost a few brain cells and I can’t get ’em back. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, prepare yourself – your world is about to be rocked.

I usually don’t do any ‘First Impressions’ on any dramas, since this blog is now dedicated to Running Man News. But I absolutely adore Jung Il-woo and thought I’d give my short two cents about the neuron-killing drama that is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.


Jung Il-woo (Cha Chi-soo): Honest to God, I’m thrilled that he’s in a lead role where he can exercise his comedic chops (we saw a bit in 49 Days, but let’s face it – the Scheduler is no happy-go-lucky fella). It honestly looks like he’s having fun with this role – playing a devil may care playboy who isn’t afraid to be defiant to Daddy in one moment and then cling onto him for favors a split second afterwards. But we can’t deny the obvious truth – this character is clearly below his acting talents, and unless I see some substantial character undercurrents in Episode 2, I’m going to resent seeing this surface-level rebel high schooler. Where is the Scheduler? Where is Iljimae? What have you done with him!?

Lee Chung-ah (Yang Eun-bi): I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and I commend her for standing up to her two-tailing ex-boyfriend (though I’d probably punch him instead of blowing steam on his new girl) but for the rest of the episode, I wonder what I’m rooting for. Right now, the less I see of you (yes, I know you’re the female lead) the better. I so want to be your cheerleader, but you getting mixed up with a high-schooler (and your eyes are only on him because he’s a rich man’s son), you’re losing a few points here.

Lee Ki-woo (Choi Kang-hyuk): Where are you? Why couldn’t we see your beautiful face? Alas, this episode we don’t even see a tiny sliver of him *tears*


Boy comes back from the States, flirts with any woman he sees, runs from Daddy, runs into a woman who is shamelessly looking for a husband or a career? I’m not sure which. Yep, that pretty much sums up the entire episode. I’m left with more questions than answers.


These are harsh words for a trendy drama. Don’t get me wrong – the drama is pretty and I’m sure it’s not taking itself very seriously – which is fine. The pros are that the first episode was breezy and light, clearly filled with pretty boys (even if some of them are very green) but there are no surprises, nothing that made me connect with the female lead.

Right now, the only thread I’m hanging onto is Jung Il-woo. I really really hope that Episode 2 turns this opinion around and that I’ll be pleasantly surprised or find my new drama crack.

But the way that it stands now – merely mediocre. Give me back my brain cells.


Second Impressions

Thanks to a crazy week, I’ve only watched 10 minutes of Episode 2 but it was enough for me to retract my earlier statement – count me ALL-IN for the fluff. 🙂


One thought on “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: First Impressions [Updated]

  1. lol. OMG I wish I would have saw this before I watched it!… I’m just finishing up my own thoughts about this drama on blog. I don’t know if you were able to finish it but I did and couldn’t believe I lasted the whole 16 episodes…

    I think just reading the plot summary and looking a few pics of the drama would have been more fulfilling.

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