The End of the Monday Couple?

It’s no secret that I harbor a bias for the Monday Couple (Gary and Song Ji-hyo). Ever since their very first awkward encounter, to Gary’s, “What does this mean?” to Ji-hyo’s shouting, to the hand-holding, I’ve been in love with this very cute (albeit fantastical) couple.  There were fans who touted that they should just get married already, and squealed whenever Ji-hyo showed a bit of affection towards Gary.

But now, my friends – it seems those dreams are dashed because Ji-hyo has revealed she’s in a relationship… in real life, with her CEO, Baek Chang Joo. They’ve reportedly been linked together since December and he’s already met her family and all. I’m happy for her and sad for Gary at the same time. The cast are more like family to each other, so I’m sure Gary also wishes her well.

So Congratulations Ji-hyo! But please – fire your hair stylist. None of that moppy hair anymore. Please.


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