Current Obsession: Taeyeon Set Me Free

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This week’s Current Obsession is a beautiful offering from S.M. the Ballad, a ballad group formed by—you guessed it—SM Entertainment. The entertainment company has recently released a new album sung by various singers from different groups under their label in three languages (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese). For today though, we’ll focus our attention on SNSD’s Taeyeon with her solo “Set Me Free.”

S.M. the Ballad (Taeyeon) – “Set Me Free”

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The Singer:  Kim Taeyeon, leader of the girl group SNSD aka Girls’ Generation and associated with SM the Ballad.

The Backstory: I don’t keep up with SNSD on a regular basis, but I do recognize Taeyeon from two separate instances: one was an old Youtube video from a radio appearance where she did a cover of Cherry Filter’s songs “Black Cat,”  (one of my favorite songs of all-time), and a concert appearance in SMTown Live in late 2011. She’s a strong singer, talented, and from what I hear, sometimes silly.

The Song: I was in need of a soothing song this past week (and something ballad-y appropriate for another post), and stumbled across the aforementioned album. I decided to go with this song versus the duet “Breath” with SHINee’s Jong-hyun simply for the reason that two strong voices would be too overpowering.

And also: Happy Birthday Taeyeon! (Her birthday is March 9)

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The Lyrics: (Korean from Naver Music and English from Kpoplyrics)

문득 떠올리는 건 너만의 미소
자꾸 지우려고 애써도 선명할 뿐이야

Love 함께 나눈 수많았던 얘기들 지난 일인걸

Set me free, Let me be 나를 놓아줘 잠시라도 쉴 수 있게
Set me free, Let me be 이건 아니야 바보처럼 웃음이 흘러

문득 지나치는 건 내 안의 미소
자꾸 떠올리려 할수록 멀어질 뿐이야

Love 너와 나의 행복했던 순간들 보석 같았던

Set me free, Let me be 아파할수록 가슴속엔 네가 고여
Set me free, Let me be 이건 아니야 바보처럼 눈물이 흘러


The thing I suddenly remembered was your smile
I keep trying to erase it but it just gets clearer

All of the stories we shared together
Now they are in the past

Set me free, let me be
Let me go so I can rest for a moment
Set me free, let me be
This isn’t right, like a fool, I keep laughing

The thing that suddenly passes by is the smile inside of me
I keep trying to bring it back but it just gets farther away

Our happy moments were like precious stones

Set me free, let me be
The more I am in pain, the more you well up in my heart
Set me free, let me be
This isn’t right, like a fool, I keep shedding tears


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