Current Obsession: ToHeart Tell Me Why

 photo toheart-tellmewhy.jpg

Next up for our musical pleasure is ToHeart, a collaboration duo between S.M. Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment, who recently released a mini-album together back in March, with a follow-up single in April. I love the idea of unit groups, especially between entertainment agencies, since it feeds my love for dream casting idols in one group. And when you’ve got two voices that blend beautifully together—why yes, I would love these boys to “Tell Me Why” I should let more dreams become reality.

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Current Obsession: Eric Nam Ooh Ooh

 photo EricOohOoh.jpg

Just take one look at this cutie (and a listen to his singing voice), and I guarantee that Eric Nam will be the most adorable guy you’ve ever across in the Kpop industry in the past few years. That smirk is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the charming personality of this up and coming singer, and his latest single  “Ooh Ooh” has an upbeat melody that will make you want to get up and dance. Like right now.

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Current Obsession: Mad Clown – Fierce

 photo madclown.jpg

More Current Obsession goodness! This week, we’ll be looking at hip-hop artist Mad Clown’s new mini-album “Fierce,” which dropped yesterday and currently dominating the music charts. And when the title track is such an easy listen and a feast for the ears, why wouldn’t you want to keep playing it on repeat for days on end?

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