Magazine Monday: Lee Yoon-ji Instyle Weddings May 2014

 photo leeyoonji3.jpg

More Magazine Monday goodness! Beautiful, smart, graceful, and talented, actress Lee Yoon Ji is one of my favorite leading ladies in the industry. She makes quite the lovely bride in this photoshoot, and is one person who deserves more recognition for her craft, though I do hear that her latest project King’s Family (which wrapped in February) was one crazy ride.

The Actress: Lee Yoon-ji (King’s Family, The Kings 2 Hearts)

The Magazine: Instyle Weddings Magazine May 2014

The Song: She sings! “처음 사랑 (First Love)”  from the King 2 Hearts OST  [ Download ]


 photo leeyoonji5.jpg

 photo leeyoonji6.jpg

 photo leeyoonji2.jpg

 photo leeyoonji1.jpg

 photo leeyoonji8.jpg

 photo leeyoonji4.jpg

 photo leeyoonji7.jpg

 photo leeyoonji9.jpg


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