Magazine Monday: g.o.d. Cosmopolitan September 2014

 photo god1sept.jpg

How about something fun for this week’s Magazine Monday? Balloons and g.o.d? Count me in.  How much do I love that those balloons are sky blue, which is also their fanclub color?  This group gives hope to any fangirl who wishes her first-generation idols would come back together for a reunion. It’s a fun little photoshoot and it looks like the guys, who recently made a successful comeback, releasing their eighth album this past summer, are having the time of their lives.

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Magazine Monday: Kang Dong-won & Song Hye-gyo Vogue September 2014

 photo kangdongwonsonghyegyo1.jpg

Magazine Monday is back! This week features the co-stars of the upcoming film My Brilliant Life: Kang Dong-won and Song Hye-gyo. Both celebrities aren’t often seen outside of their projects (which are sometimes few and far between) alone, let alone together. But here they are featured in Vogue Korea’s September 2014 issue looking as dapper and classy as ever. Here’s to hoping that we might get a glimpse of them back on the small screen soon.

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Current Obsession: Royal Pirates: Seoul Hillbilly

 photo royalpirates1.jpg

How time flies: after a two-month hiatus, we’re back with more Current Obsession. This week, we’ll take a look at one of my favorite bands Royal Pirates, who recently dropped their latest single “Seoul Hillbilly, ” which will get you rockin’ and dancin’ until the day’s end and long into the night. If there was ever a band that had to stay on the grind for years to achieve the kind of success in the Korean music industry now, this trio would win that battle hands down. They’re one of the great examples that showcase how hard work, a sense of integrity, and a genuine love for the music can make a dream into reality.

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