Magazine Monday: g.o.d. Cosmopolitan September 2014

 photo god1sept.jpg

How about something fun for this week’s Magazine Monday? Balloons and g.o.d? Count me in.  How much do I love that those balloons are sky blue, which is also their fanclub color?  This group gives hope to any fangirl who wishes her first-generation idols would come back together for a reunion. It’s a fun little photoshoot and it looks like the guys, who recently made a successful comeback, releasing their eighth album this past summer, are having the time of their lives.

The Group: g.o.d.: Sohn Ho-young, Kim Tae-woo, Danny Ahn, Park Joon-hyun, Yoon Kye-sang

The Magazine:Cosmopolitan, September 2014

 photo god2sept.jpg

 photo god6sept.jpg

 photo god3sept.jpg

 photo god4sept.jpg

 photo god5sept.jpg


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