Current Obsession: Boyfriend Obsession

 photo boyfriendobsessionalbum.jpg

More idol group comebacks in this week’s Current Obsession! Meet Boyfriend, whose second mini-album “Obsession” released this past week. Also, its title track aptly fits in with this series, no? That being said, this is one catchy song that has me humming along all day long.

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Current Obsession: ZE:A First Homme

 photo zea580.jpg

Of the numerous June comebacks, ZE:A’s newest mini-album “First Homme,” caught my eye (and ears) unexpectedly this week. Catchy and exciting, the title track “Breathe” turned out to be just the song to usher in a new season of greatly anticipated comebacks in the music industry. I’ll be honest and say that the first listen didn’t appeal right away, but I quickly found myself bopping along by the end of the day. And if that doesn’t convince you, then perhaps you’d like to know that the Doctor’s TARDIS makes a cameo in their music video.

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