K-Variety I Follow

Currently Airing:

Sunday: Running Man (런닝맨), 1 Night 2 Days (1박2일) Season 3,  Superman is Back (슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다)

Thursday: Happy Together (해피투게더)

Saturday: We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요) Season 4: Woo-young and Park Se-young


Strong Heart (강심장) (discontinued)

Shinhwa Broadcast (신화방송) (discontinued)

Kim Yuna Kiss & Cry (김연아의 키스 앤 크라이) (completed)

Night After Night (밤이면 밤마다) (discontinued)

Come to Play (유재석 김원희의 놀러와) (discontinued)


One thought on “K-Variety I Follow

  1. Whaat. Night After Night is ending? I only watched one episode but it was really funny.

    Oh and I’m here from seeing your RM reaps on dramabeans. You do a great job, I don’t believe it’s your first time :).

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